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Design Philosophy

To design something you first have to “catch” it. We need to analyze, to understand the reason of the existence and discover why this product / service can be a different experience for the user.
You need passion and dedication to understand what really separates just another idea from a real experience for the consumer. It requires energy, clear thinking and fresh mind not to create something drab, not to do anything ‘more of the same. “
When we design we really get to the core of the product / service.
We invest a lot of thought having the sole aim of creating a unique experience.
Creating products that are so beautiful you want to fall in love.
The charm comes not only from the visual but also from the simplicity of the design.
Unlike most who are trying to sell complex design approaches, we believe that the magic of beauty lays in the deep … knowledge of simplicity.
But in order to reach that point it takes time and most do not invest neither the time nor the energy required for holistic and simultaneously simple approaches.
We believe that people who share or will share their vision with us are intelligent and prefer products or services in which they invest a sufficient amount of thinking.
Not creating cheap and casual.For us, every project is a new design challenge. We sleep on our thoughts, we ‘dig’ deep and reach a very functional and simple solution that the world likes.
If your customer’s experience is what matters, if an excited customer is your purpose, then welcome to White Space.
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