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Junior Music Star

About This Project

‘Junior music stars’ was a Greek production that featured children with exceptional talent in music. It was aired by Skai TV in 2016-2017 and White Space undertook the digital asset of the account for 5 months. The purpose of the show was to help children evolve their talents and to be taught by some of the best musicians and singers in Greece. We wanted to build a community for people who loved music and to create inspiration for children who wanted to be musicians. The aim of the contest was to encourage children to play music and show their talent. In our strategy we had a very delicate approach because the contestants were little children. Our main objectives were:
to transmit to the audience the pirpose of the competition.
To attract young audience
To manage carefully the online community of children
To provide quality musical content
To inform the audience about the benefits of music
online reputation management
to create buzz for the show
to Increase brand awareness
To achieve these goals, we created a social media strategy that included a series of actions. We created different content for each social medium in order to be appropriate for children. We included the feature of live twitter coverage during all the episodes and at the same time we uploaded content on Facebook and Instagram. For every child we uploaded its performance through videos to increase the buzz for the show and make them more popular. Through social media, we informed daily the digital audience about the latest news and the progress of our young talents. Most of all we wanted to promote musical education to everyone, thus we uploaded quotes and information about music and musical instruments daily.