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About This Project

Survivor is the world’s biggest survival reality game and a successful TV show, which has been aired in more than 70 countries with great success and has won a total of 7 EMY awards. In Greece, it was aired by Skai TV in 2017. White Space was in charge of the digital asset of the account for 7 months.
• The goals of the social media strategy we designed were:
• To increase participation
• To increase brand awareness
• To attract young audience
• Manage the online community
• Online reputation management
• To inform the audience about the game
• To provide exclusive content
• To create buzz for the show
To achieve these goals, we created a series of actions to take advantage of new technologies and followed a strategy introduced in Greece for the first time with “Survivor of Greece”. Our team was so proud for this huge project and worked very hard to achieve our goals. We have analyzed and created several steps for TV show and created different content for each social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) during the 7 months of airing. In order to maintain the interest of the public on the social media, we created fresh ideas and new formats such as canvas posts, gifs, memes, exclusive video content that attracted an even bigger audience. Each Social Media channel was chosen with great care and the strategy followed for each was created based on its unique community and its integrated platform features. During the show there was live coverage in all 3 social media channels and especially on Twitter we had a dedicated team for live tweeting, posting more than 5 tweets per minute during a 3-hour episode, 6 days a week. We had a team of Twitter specialists who was in charge of the live tweeting coverage that created a huge interaction-connection with the community and generated buzz. We also updated daily all the social media profiles of the show which lasted for 6 months. Also during the whole week, we examined and re-set our goals and actions on the TV show and created fresh and innovative content. Through social media, we have been able to “drive” daily the dialogue between the fans and the show and determine the communication path of all the digital media that were associated with “Survivor of Greece” or had an interest in it and we observed a huge number of posts by official Social Media accounts across the country referring to “Survivor of Greece”. As a result of this strategy, TV viewers reached the incredible number of 70% of the whole population of Greece while at the same time a fanatical online community was created with engagement rates exceeding expectations: Facebook 206,754 Likes, Instagram 243k followers, Twitter 23,839 followers. To conclude, Twitter has been the most important channel for Survivor of Greece and the strategy followed contained innovational technics appearing for the first time in Greek Television.