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About This Project

Got talent was one of the most successful TV shows produced by Acun Media, broadcasted in more than 58 countries the last 11 years. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages.
It was our honor to be a part of the show and to create a social media campaign for this purpose. Our team created strategic objectives in order to showcase all the different kinds of talent and every participant in the show the best and fairest way possible as well as the 3 judges and the presenter of the show alike.
The main goals of the social media team were to:
• Increase participation
• Increase brand awareness
• Attract young audience
• Manage the online community
• Manage online reputation
• Inform the audience about the latest news
• Provide exclusive content
• Create buzz for the show
• Promote the contestants equally
The 3 most popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, twitter) were used, each for a different reason. Twitter was helpful for the online coverage of the episode, the ‘live tweeting’, the polls, the individual voting card of every participant, while also inviting people to contribute and be a part of the show with their tweets.
Facebook and Instagram were 2 channels that played a vital role during the whole episode through posts, Instagram stories and live coverage. Nevertheless, throughout the week attractive content was uploaded including interactive posts, exclusive footage, videos, gifs and memes. Through this content we created conversations around the show that generated buzz and provided the show with loyal fans.