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About This Project

The Voice is one of the most famous music TV shows and it has been aired in more than 50 countries worldwide. It was produced by Acun Media. Skai TV hosted this singing competition for two seasons (from September 2016 until December 2017 and October 2017 until December 2017). The show was focusing on finding the Voice of Greece. White Space was in charge of the digital asset of the account through all the stages (casting period, blind auditions, battles, knockouts, semi-finals, finals).
The main goals of our social media strategy were different from stage to stage. The strategy we executed included the following:
• First time introduction of ‘Lower 3rd’ in Greek TV
• Introduction of the Social Wall in Greek tv
• Promotion of the judges community
• Increase of brand awareness
• Attraction of young audience
• Managing of the online community
• Online reputation management
• Inform the audience about the latest news
• Uploading exclusive content
• Generating buzz for the show
When the episode was on air there was live coverage through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
White Space team was in the studio where the show was recorded, transmitting the pulse of the show live to all social media, sharing the funniest or most unique tweets with the whole world through the green room, increasing the viewers’ participation and interest. The feature of the ‘Lower 3rd’ that broadcasted user’s best tweets in television made social media an inseparable part of the show and reshaped the way people were connected with their favorite show! Even after the day of the episode and during the whole week there was fresh content uploaded to social media channels to maintain user engagement and interest until the next episode.
Therefore, we created fresh content with innovative formats such as canvas posts, gifs, memes, exclusive video content that attracted an even bigger audience. Each Social Media channel was chosen with great care and the strategy followed for each has been created based on its community and its platform features. Through
social media we were able to showcase the main attraction of the show which was the “competition” between the four judges that led to their debates, which were also the best moments of the show. Nevertheless, we continuously informed the fans about the progress of the show with a humoristic approach, thus attracting even more the younger audience and providing the show with a fresh and unique identity.m text block. Click edit button to change this text.