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About This Project

The X Factor is a world-famous television music competition, produced by FremantleMedia. In 2015 the journey of X Factor returned to Greece for the fifth time on Skai TV and while it was also being aired in several other countries. White Space changed the way people perceived music shows and created a real second screen experience through social media. The main steps of our social media strategy were to:
• change the perception of music shows in Greece
• build online community around the contestants
• Increase brand awareness
• attract youth audience
• manage the online community
• online reputation management
• entertain the audience
• provide exclusive content
• create buzz for the show
• create interaction with the judges of the show
• introduce the Social Media Wall in Greek TV
• manage the comments and the messages of fans
• create fresh content
During every episode, our team also used all the popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube), to continuously provide the users with fresh content such as:
• Performances of the contestants
• Best moments of the show
• Promotion of Sponsors
• Promotional content for the 4 judges
• Promotional content about the TV host Sakis Rouvas
• Reposts of the material uploaded by both the presenter and the judges.
• Posts Informing the public about voting