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Touch the impression that creativity and passion can generate.
The form, a hard copy sample of the overall communication policy regarding a brand, is beyond a white paper with some slogan and a text with photos.
A copy reflects all of the values ​​of the overall strategy for the brand, giving large base in the central compositional idea, which must be committed both in value system of the brand and the overall entity that has been developed across the communication strategy. Words, pictures, text, colors, graphic applications, are all elements that make both an artwork but also a promotional tool.
The form has another value, it activates the touch. With tactile, we subconsciously keep our customers tucked into a more personal engagement. If the design and the communication line are attractive, they stay on the form associated with the messages and the brand. Committed to his desire to live the experience the brand promises, the customer wants to hear his heart.
This is another philosophy, where the communication of a creative form is popular, pop art collectible item. White Space creates forms that the customer will keep forever. Business artworks that communicate for themselves. Business cards, brochures, poster, press kits, flyers, all speak the language of the heart and lead to the strengthening of commercial brands, with a style that supports the entire value system of reinforcing the brand even if you do not talk about it but it is upon the designer’s request, or upon event print.
The designers of White Space plan forms that exude the company’s vision, and the brand feeling that your company emits, and have the dynamics of an artwork and the effectiveness of truth.
This form represents the values ​​of the company, reflects the qualities of the product or service and becomes the channel of communication between the company and the world, between the company and a new world ready to join, and pass on all its communications network. Being a member of the community of a brand, expressing feelings and tying to the brand and the people is a part of the evolution of the brand through social media.
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