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Social Media Strategy

In White Space years of experience and innovative creativity are our driving mix to create experiences of anthropocentric character that change our lives.
Our team comes in absolute alignment with the existing potential of your company, studying the relationships you have built so far with your business partners in order to define and develop marketing plans that will reclaim the victories and positive points of your career so far, but also to develop new strategic objectives to be achieved over all significant return on your investment. (Return On Investment).
In White Space as though we respect the idea and the intellectual process, as though we invest in the vision, we never forget the ultimate purpose of a project, which the best possible sales. If we chase this purpose with utilitarianism, we build dimensional short-lived brands like fireworks. Combined, however, the creation of an experience within a sensational product that changes the everyday life of the consumer, and a strong ROI bring commercial success to your company just because your brand persuaded people that it deserves to succeed and thus acquired.

What can we do for you to achieve :

1. Develop a clear and comprehensive plan for dynamic social marketing strategy

2. We evaluate your current performance in social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube globally in blogosphere

3. Design or adapt for you the appropriate tools (metrics) to assess the ROI that you bring with social marketing

4. Create reputation around your brand , make the world talk about you on the internet, through dynamic sharing of materials , correct text content , photographs, video, that can bring positive engagement with your name and bring public, active participation of fan.

5. Prepare strategic campaigns to bring traffic to the site and your social media, leading to certain correlation with the increase in sales.

6. We build your company’s policy, through tested marketing applications, new, more effective organizational structures and dynamic profile of social responsibility.

7. We train through targeted training your staff, specialized seminars, the true initiation into the magical world of social media.

8. We provide a detailed plan realistic for active and dynamic movements that will develop or will strengthen your fans network with your communities in social media, creating a true and loyal ambassador for your brand.

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