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Social Media Seminars

Success is a habit, learn how to succeed in your business and share the experience of getting social.
Today the field of Social Media is so vast in which a company or a brand, a personality, even if aware of their importance in the communication, Marketing and Public Relations can actually be lost or fall into the trap of a routine presence without proper investigation or the right strategy and without clear targets and guidelines for what effect they want to achieve.
There he created a series of questions :
” I know how to promote my business to Social Media, but do not know how to start”
” How do I watch and appreciate how the competition moves in order to build my strategy ? ”
” How do I keep my existing clientele active and how do I create a new one? ”
” How do I increase traffic? And how do I keep people on my website and my Social Media? ”
” What is the appropriate social media platform for me? ”
” What bespoke tools I need? What to ask for my plan? “
White Space has the experience and knowledge, communicative and creative transducer to understand what changes will the Social Media bring in your business and which of them need to be planned to elevate your product or services.
In White Space years of experience and personal contact with the people behind the brand have created a great educational tool through Best Practices and Case Studies. We can equip you with supplies such as: influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programs, community building and management, social applications, conversation response and reputation management to have successful Social Media platforms that will bring growth to your business the next day.
We hear what you have to say.
We analyze your needs, desires and goals in bespoke strategy.
We produce education designed for you, not only for the proper presence in Social Media, but mainly to supply you with advanced tools to use social media in an effective way in your business, consulting services, mechanisms and strategic social media crisis management and ad-hoc Social Media Consultancy.
We can train you how to keep track of actions in Social Media related directly or indirectly to your brand, products or services as efficiently and quickly as those of your competitors and how to build ad-hoc strategy for this.
We teach you not only to be present in the discussions relating to you, but to create them and especially to be able to do qualitative analysis , not quantitative that will define your next step.
In all these fields of knowledge and experience we help you combine deep understanding of your needs with online marketing, communication policy , and creative and technological skills that sets you apart from the competition. We focus on concept, experience and lifestyle.
We cultivate quick response to your acknowledging of market trends and how regardless of what happens in the market or competitors you can convert it to positive Word of Mouth (WOM)
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