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Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth used to be one of the most efficient intellectual factors for people’s choice. What has really happened to W.O.M. today ?

With the uprising of Social Media, “word of mouth” not only did not lose in sociability and immediacy of realistic strength of the transmission of information but also became much more efficient in every way.
Today, spending a few seconds on your favorite social media platform gives you information about everything you want, you see photos and YouTube videos, look for any other information you need, get opinions from comments of the community, see how many like the show, communicate without any geographical or time limitations, and with every online action you participate too, you actively add to the most multidimensional reality of a massive, interactive WOM ever made.
Today, instead of two people talking about something, for your own creation for example, product or service, there are hundreds of thousands and even millions of people that at the same time participate in a series of interactive actions including discussion, and you have the chance to participate or just watch their interactivity.

White Space opens a new ground to break the boundaries of communication as you have known it this far. We support you to enter a new world, where relationships and influential mechanisms, with the optimal use of search engines is of equal importance and are creatively connected when a story has to reach a lot of people, very quickly.
In White Space we think as journalists but behave as Opinion Leaders.
In White Space we bond with you by the virtue of innovation.

Seek and find those communities that exercise power and influence people, and inspire them to become ambassadors and supporters of your brand. We show you how to make interesting, alluring and promising stories related to your brand, how not to manipulate your supporters but to convince them that it is great to be associated with you, and share this wonderful feeling with others.
We advise you on how to activate them in a discussion on social media and how to give them fun ideas to connect with your brand and enjoy it.
This will lay the first foundations for a strong, active and unshakable alliance between communities and discussions held about your brand in social media, and the objective benefits for your business. How to make profit of it.

By now the press releases had developed a mannerisms addressed to reporters and experts. Today the game is played on the following fundamental question: “What interests me?”, “Why do I care?” Today the text should reflect authenticity and values ​​…
It should create active discussion and open dialogue between people. Make them feel unique to them, touch them, and that’s what gives value to their lives. Then they care. Then they are interested. Today’s journalists are the ones that tell fascinating stories or give a story to all and for each of them, by those on line. Stories that appeal to everyone, but touch one personally. This is the targeted content. To be part of the conversation, to engage an appealing conversation, you must be aware of where important conversations are taking place.
White Space is aware of that, and can deliver real-time results, through a sophisticated system of metrics, analytics and Symantec tools. We give you the opportunity and the tools to know when and what is being said about you or your competitors.
A new wonderful world opened in front of you. Countless discussions evolve into sales and promotion of the brand and your reputation.
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