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Revolutionizing University-Business Collaboration: AUEB’s ‘Taftisis’ initiative transforms academic engagement tool, fostering unprecedented connections with the business world and empowering brand essence and value.


2017 – Present


2017 – Present

Target Type

Students, parents and the local community

Target Type

Students, parents and the local community

Established in 1976, Belmond has been a pioneering force in luxury travel for over 40 years, building a diverse portfolio of 60+ hotels, river cruises, train journeys and safaris for discerning global travellers.

With ambitious goals to double EBITDA through an aggressive acquisition strategy, the business needed to ensure digital operations were robust. As well as a consistent visual style, a thoughtful user experience was needed, to cater to multiple stakeholder needs and cover a number of different booking systems.

Most importantly, it was imperative to define what success meant – a particularly interesting measure was the need to convert customers in new parts of the product portfolio, cross-pollinating equity from the more famous brands the business had bought, (think: Copacabana Palace, Cipriani and Orient Express).

Client Brief

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), a beacon of academic excellence and innovation, embarked on a strategic journey to redefine its engagement with the business sector. Aiming to dispel the perception of Greek universities’ insularity from private sector collaborations, AUEB sought to create a communication tool that not only aligned education with business realities but also attracted funding for scholarships and sponsorships for events.
This initiative was crucial for enhancing University’s awareness in the business world, despite major challenges for a public sector institution such as a lack of prior initiatives, difficulty in material collection, and the need for collaboration across different university departments.

The Challenge

AUEB faced the challenge of overcoming the entrenched perception that Greek universities are detached from the private sector. Without existing materials or prior experience in such initiatives, the university needed to innovate from scratch, requiring the collection of diverse materials and the alignment of various departments.

The task was daunting: to introduce a fresh, innovative look and approach that was unfamiliar to the staff, all while balancing the university’s esteemed image with a new, dynamic presentation style.

Our Solution

In response, we shifted focus from merely creating a presentation to developing a comprehensive new service named “Taftisis.” Utilizing popular video technology and software platforms, we embraced data and process visualization, pictograms, and timeline design to articulate AUEB’s strategy.

This approach, grounded in service design and a human-centric communication language, transformed how AUEB presents its alignment with business organizations, signaling a new era of openness and collaboration between academia and the business sector.

Our Impact

“Taftisis” evolved into a pivotal platform for AUEB, revolutionizing its strategy to demonstrate openness to the business community. The initiative not only became the university’s primary tool for engaging with organizations but also surprised and engaged business owners and executives.

Alumni, now working in influential companies, shared the presentation widely, becoming proud ambassadors of AUEB’s new direction. This marked a significant shift, positioning AUEB as a leader in fostering real-world business and academic collaborations.


Leads generation

The ‘Taftisis’ platform significantly enhanced AUEB’s ability to generate leads, attracting interest from businesses and organizations keen on partnering with the university.

Increase in conversion rate

Efforts to streamline and improve engagement strategies resulted in a substantial rise in the conversion of these leads into tangible collaborations and sponsorships.

Presentations held using the specific tool

“Taftisis” became the definitive presentation tool for AUEB, widely used to communicate its new strategic direction and foster connections with the business community.

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