Transforming Home Wellness Market in Greece: Journey to a Holistic Online Experience

Anytime, Anywhere Wellness Building the leading Video On Demand Platform

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2020 – Present

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Marketing Strategy, Technology, Web Design, E-commerce Platform Development

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Naming, Branding, Business Model Design, Marketing and Digital Strategy, Commercial Strategy User Experience Design (UX), Web Design, E-commerce platform development, Video Production, Messaging, Copywriting, Google Analytics, Performance Marketing, Social Media Content

The Case embarked on a mission to revolutionize the wellness industry in Greece by introducing an innovative online video on demand, holistic wellness experience accessible anytime, anywhere.

Aiming to reach new target audiences beyond the conventional gym and studio offerings, developed a low-cost, high-value subscription model suitable for individuals and corporations alike, meeting the demand for an exceptional online wellness experience.

Client Brief

In 2020, launched as the first premium video on demand wellness platform, offering an exceptional online holistic wellness experience. Quickly attracting thousands seeking convenient exercise options, TheCoach identified a new opportunity within corporate wellbeing. Developing a program tailored for corporations, TheCoach aimed to address all facets of modern wellbeing, offering value and flexibility for organizations at various stages of their wellbeing journey.
This initiative sought to transform TheCoach from a digital platform into a holistic program that could meet diverse employee needs across Greece, ensuring accessibility, engagement, and a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that encompasses physical, mental, career, financial, and societal aspects.

The Challenge

The journey to transform wellness in Greece was multifaceted and challenging. faced the dominance of traditional gyms and studios as primary wellness service providers, coupled with high video production costs and scarce experience in wellness video production. Few trainers were skilled in on-camera presentation, and there was significant public hesitation towards adopting new exercise formats.

Additionally, limited local expertise in online subscription business model design and video on demand technology development platforms posed significant hurdles. This initiative required changing the exercise behavior of the people, turning them from gyms to home wellness.

Our Solution

Blending technology, agility, and diverse teams of experts, tackled these challenges head-on. A deep market and opportunity analysis identified untapped segments and competitive advantages. A high-end tech team was assembled to create the first Greek video on demand wellness platform, focusing on user experience, interactivity, and custom workout programs.

Production processes were revolutionized to manage costs effectively, while financial advisors crafted a strategic pricing and subscription model. An HR department was established to recruit and train high-quality trainers on presentation skills. Marketing innovation introduced prepaid cards for retail outlet distribution, expanding market reach significantly.

Our Impact has redefined the wellness landscape in Greece, becoming the leading video on demand wellness platform and reaching audiences previously underserved by traditional wellness offerings. The innovative strategy quickly penetrated market segments that had no wellbeing offering till now.

The prepaid idea for selling the programs gave access to the brand to more than 240 retail outlets, significantly expanding its market presence.



Demonstrating the platform’s widespread acceptance and success.


Offering a diverse range of wellness activities including fitness, yoga, pilates, dance, and office workouts.


Featuring a team of expert coaches across various disciplines.

Excellence Awards

Recognized for achievements in fitness, technology, and HR, underscoring the platform’s quality and innovation.

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