Transforming a minimal window companyto a luxury market leader brand.

Transforming Avaton: From technical prowess to market leader in the luxury market through strategic rebranding and innovative service design, enhancing visibility and customer engagement.


2017 – Present


2017 – Present

Target Type

Students, parents and the local community

Target Type

Students, parents and the local community

Established in 1976, Belmond has been a pioneering force in luxury travel for over 40 years, building a diverse portfolio of 60+ hotels, river cruises, train journeys and safaris for discerning global travellers.

With ambitious goals to double EBITDA through an aggressive acquisition strategy, the business needed to ensure digital operations were robust. As well as a consistent visual style, a thoughtful user experience was needed, to cater to multiple stakeholder needs and cover a number of different booking systems.

Most importantly, it was imperative to define what success meant – a particularly interesting measure was the need to convert customers in new parts of the product portfolio, cross-pollinating equity from the more famous brands the business had bought, (think: Copacabana Palace, Cipriani and Orient Express).

Client Brief

Avaton, a trailblazer in EnginTech, specializes in the design, production, and installation of frameless window systems. With a focus on revolutionizing living spaces through patented technology and bespoke design, Avaton blends engineering intelligence with aesthetic elegance. However, despite their technical superiority, Avaton faced challenges in communicating their value, differentiating themselves in a niche market, and enhancing brand equity.
Their highly technical language and lack of a differentiated customer experience hindered broader market penetration and stakeholder engagement. Recognizing these challenges, Avaton sought to elevate their brand and product appeal to not only industry insiders but also end-users, ensuring their innovative window solutions were both acknowledged and desired.

The Challenge

Avaton grappled with articulating their technological and engineering superiority in a market with limited awareness of minimal window systems. The technical complexity of their communication alienated potential customers and key stakeholders, such as architects.

The absence of a distinct brand value and customer experience, coupled with a lack of differentiation in a high-end market, posed significant barriers to growth. Avaton needed to transcend these challenges to not only showcase their innovation but also to captivate and expand their customer base.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive repositioning strategy for Avaton. This included crafting a compelling brand story, elevated human centric communication language, to resonate with a broader but high-end audience, and redesigning services to meet the unique needs of target groups.

We introduced new product ranges and advanced the aesthetic design of both products and the website. We employed high end technologies and top of the edge animation design, to fully reflect and embody the new luxury market positioning,  Our “Beyond” guarantee service was implemented to ensure unparalleled after-sales support, reinforcing Avaton’s commitment to excellence and innovation in every customer interaction.

Our Impact

The strategic overhaul catalyzed a remarkable transformation for Avaton. By redefining their brand and enhancing user experience, we unlocked new business development opportunities and penetrated new markets, including a significant move into the USA.

Strengthened partnerships and a reinvigorated approach to service design elevated Avaton’s market position, making their windows not just products but symbols of beauty and innovation. This shift not only enhanced Avaton’s brand value but also established them as the leading luxury brand in frameless window systems.


Desktop loading speed

Advanced development techniques and technologies to Avaton’s digital infrastructure dramatically improved the website’s desktop loading speed, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for all visitors

Mobile loading speed

Advanced technologies and optimization efforts specifically targeted at mobile platforms resulted in significantly faster access times, catering to the growing number of users on smartphones and tablets.

Increase in traffic

Our strategic marketing , web and animation design, coupled with SEO initiatives successfully attracted a larger audience, significantly boosting website traffic and enhancing brand visibility online

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