Crafting the first humanised Construction Company

Revolutionizing Epikyklos: A strategic brand transformation that redefined industry standards, attracting premium clientele and setting new benchmarks in construction.


2017 – Present


2017 – Present

Target Type

Students, parents and the local community

Target Type

Students, parents and the local community

Established in 1976, Belmond has been a pioneering force in luxury travel for over 40 years, building a diverse portfolio of 60+ hotels, river cruises, train journeys and safaris for discerning global travellers.

With ambitious goals to double EBITDA through an aggressive acquisition strategy, the business needed to ensure digital operations were robust. As well as a consistent visual style, a thoughtful user experience was needed, to cater to multiple stakeholder needs and cover a number of different booking systems.

Most importantly, it was imperative to define what success meant – a particularly interesting measure was the need to convert customers in new parts of the product portfolio, cross-pollinating equity from the more famous brands the business had bought, (think: Copacabana Palace, Cipriani and Orient Express).

Client Brief

Epikyklos, a visionary in the construction sector, embarked on a transformative journey to elevate its brand image, penetrate new markets, and attract a superior clientele. With a legacy of excellence, the challenge was to transcend traditional boundaries, appealing to key influencers and decision-makers, including architects, and to differentiate itself in a competitive landscape.
The goal was not just to enhance visibility but to redefine the essence of construction around human-centric values. Facing the need to increase leads and sales while communicating its unparalleled superiority, Epikyklos sought to reimagine its brand identity, ensuring it resonated with both its heritage and future aspirations.

The Challenge

Epikyklos faced the multifaceted challenge of upgrading its brand image to not only penetrate new markets but also to elevate its brand value significantly. The aim was to attract discerning clients and forge stronger connections with key industry influencers.

Despite its established reputation, the company needed to differentiate itself and articulate its superiority in a crowded market, striving to increase leads and sales while maintaining its commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

Our Solution

Our strategic solution for Epikyklos involved a comprehensive brand repositioning, which included changing the communication language to resonate more deeply with their audience. We focused on designing with purpose, enhancing architectural elements, and building a brand that truly reflects its values, vision, and mission.

This holistic approach was aimed at not just redefining the brand’s image but also at ensuring that Epikyklos stood out as a leader in the construction industry, known for its innovation and human-centric approach.

Our Impact

The rebranding and strategic marketing efforts for Epikyklos resulted in the brand becoming a beacon in the construction industry, celebrated for prioritizing human experiences over mere buildings. This shift not only garnered awards and significant projects but also fostered a culture that attracted attention from major publishing titles.

Epikyklos’s new brand identity and strategic positioning have set it apart, making it a preferred partner for clients and influencers alike, and redefining what success looks like in the construction sector.


Increase in traffic

Our digital marketing strategies and SEO optimization led to a dramatic surge in website traffic, significantly enhancing Epikyklos’s online visibility and brand awareness.

Leads generation

Innovative lead generation tactics and targeted marketing campaigns effectively doubled the number of potential clients reaching out to Epikyklos, indicating a strong market interest.

Increase in conversion rate

Through a refined sales funnel and enhanced customer engagement strategies, we achieved an unprecedented conversion rate, turning a majority of inquiries into successful projects.

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