Data-Driven Sales and Customer Analysis Reinvents Sales and Marketing Strategy for a Leading Lubricant Distributor

Revitalizing Marketing and Sales Strategy Boosts Profitability Within 6 Months.

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2017 – Present

The Case

Epikyklos, a visionary in the construction sector, embarked on a transformative journey to elevate its brand image, penetrate new markets, and attract a superior clientele. With a legacy of excellence, the challenge was to transcend traditional boundaries, appealing to key influencers and decision-makers, including architects, and to differentiate itself in a competitive landscape.

The goal was not just to enhance visibility but to redefine the essence of construction around human-centric values. Facing the need to increase leads and sales while communicating its unparalleled superiority, Epikyklos sought to reimagine its brand identity, ensuring it resonated with both its heritage and future aspirations.

The case

A prominent lubricant distributor was experiencing a significant decline in sales and profits amidst fierce competition. The company began losing market share as existing clients sought new alternatives and new clients made numerous but low-value purchases.
Sales forecasting became challenging, and the sales team consistently missed targets, raising concerns about the company’s financial health. In response, the management team sought to revitalize its marketing and sales strategy to return the company to growth.

The Challenge

Despite a strong market presence, a large client base, and a powerful brand portfolio, the company lacked a data-driven approach to decision-making. Sales data were unstructured and incomplete, with limited data analysis, reporting, and no comprehensive KPI framework to gain insights into client performance.

Additionally, product mix and sales channel performance analyses were never conducted, and sales objectives were primarily based on past performance data, with little to no monitoring of individual team member progress.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, a comprehensive data-driven sales and marketing strategy was implemented, focusing on:

Product Mix Performance Evaluation: Analyzing the entire product range to adjust the product mix based on high-margin items, sales velocity, and market segment attractiveness.
Sales Channel Evaluation: Assessing existing sales channels for optimization and identifying new expansion opportunities.
Customer Segmentation: Conducting a detailed analysis of the customer base to identify high-value segments and detailed customer profiling based on sales dynamics.
Marketing and Sales Strategy Redesign: Tailoring the value proposition to specific markets and customer segments, enhancing lead generation, expanding the sales network, and identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
Sales Promotion Initiatives: Launching promotions for underperforming products to boost sales and cash flow.
Lead Generation and Client Onboarding: Designing new processes and tools for lead generation and developing an onboarding strategy for new clients.
E-commerce Channel Activation: Developing new income streams through e-commerce.
Data-Driven Sales Targeting: Implementing a sales target strategy with KPIs to track sales progress.

Our Impact

The strategic overhaul led to significant improvements in sales performance and financial health:

Enhanced Product Mix and Channel Strategies: More efficient inventory management and increased sales of high-margin products.
Refined Customer Segmentation: A wealth of upselling and cross-selling opportunities revealed, expanding the sales network, and improving retention rates.
Strengthened Market Position: Notable growth in sales and profitability, reinforcing the company’s competitive stance.


Increase in Sales

The strategic adjustments led to a substantial uptick in overall sales.

Growth in High-Value Customer Segments

Personalized marketing efforts significantly expanded high-value customer segments.

Rise in Profit Margins

Focusing on high-margin products and optimizing sales strategies markedly improved profit margins.

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