How a Brand Repositioning Strategy Boosts Real Estate Firm’s Competitiveness and Profitability

Market analysis, ideal customer profiling, and new service design shape a successful repositioning strategy that boosts sales and profitability.

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2017 – Present

The Case

Epikyklos, a visionary in the construction sector, embarked on a transformative journey to elevate its brand image, penetrate new markets, and attract a superior clientele. With a legacy of excellence, the challenge was to transcend traditional boundaries, appealing to key influencers and decision-makers, including architects, and to differentiate itself in a competitive landscape.

The goal was not just to enhance visibility but to redefine the essence of construction around human-centric values. Facing the need to increase leads and sales while communicating its unparalleled superiority, Epikyklos sought to reimagine its brand identity, ensuring it resonated with both its heritage and future aspirations.

The case

A once-thriving real estate agency faced dwindling profits despite a growing client base. The influx of new customers brought low-value transactions, necessitating more staff and leading to higher operational costs. The increasingly competitive market sparked a price war, commoditizing services and making price the primary transaction factor.
This firm needed a strategy to escape this downward spiral, enhance profitability, and attract high-value customers without losing current revenue streams or investing considerable funds due to its proximity to the break-even point.

The Challenge

The agency grappled with low profitability and rising expenses, unable to afford client or revenue loss. A lack of a data-driven approach for sales targeting and market penetration, combined with an absent marketing function and underutilized digital channels, left the company’s digital presence limited and outdated.

Our Solution

Collaborating closely with the firm’s owners, our team conducted a comprehensive S.W.O.T. analysis, uncovering hidden strengths and competitive advantages. Through deep market analysis and data-driven customer segmentation, we identified ideal customer profiles and new target audiences.

Our strategic canvas revealed unmet needs and untapped market opportunities, leading to:
– A new value proposition and brand positioning strategy, transitioning the agency to a specialized high-end real estate consulting firm.
– A revamped brand strategy, including a new vision and mission values reflecting the new positioning.
– The design of new premium services and exploration of new markets.
– Development of new brand assets and activation of new digital channels to attract high-value clients.
– Creation of a new digital ecosystem to support the repositioned brand.

Our Impact

Within three months, the new brand, services, and digital ecosystem were launched, making the competition irrelevant and attracting high-value customers. Collaborations with financial institutions created stable, high-profit revenue streams, while expansion beyond Greek borders tapped into new revenue streams from international real estate investors. The firm’s strategic overhaul led to:

+0Increase in profitability, with brand repositioning and new, more profitable clientele.
0Increase in lead generation, thanks to a sales-oriented digital ecosystem.
+0Increase in the average price per transaction, differentiating the firm from competitors and escaping the price war.

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