How Customer Profiling and Data-Driven Channel Analysis Brought Uncommon Growth to a Leading Hotel

Data-driven decision-making led to precise strategies that rejuvenated sales and attracted new guests to a premier hospitality establishment.

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2017 – Present

The Case

Epikyklos, a visionary in the construction sector, embarked on a transformative journey to elevate its brand image, penetrate new markets, and attract a superior clientele. With a legacy of excellence, the challenge was to transcend traditional boundaries, appealing to key influencers and decision-makers, including architects, and to differentiate itself in a competitive landscape.

The goal was not just to enhance visibility but to redefine the essence of construction around human-centric values. Facing the need to increase leads and sales while communicating its unparalleled superiority, Epikyklos sought to reimagine its brand identity, ensuring it resonated with both its heritage and future aspirations.

The case

A premier hotel renowned for its excellence faced challenges with stagnant sales and diminishing profitability. Despite its esteemed reputation, the establishment struggled to effectively assess the returns on its marketing investments and the performance of its sales channels.
A strategic overhaul was imperative to revitalize sales, optimize channel effectiveness, and enhance the efficiency of digital marketing efforts.

The Challenge

The hotel was grappling with stagnant sales and diminishing profitability, hindered by ineffective marketing strategies and an inability to assess marketing spend effectively.

Amidst a competitive landscape, the establishment sought to improve occupancy rates, average spend per guest, and guest retention.

Our Solution

Our comprehensive approach involved a detailed evaluation of sales performance, channel effectiveness, and digital marketing strategies.

We conducted:
Sales Performance and Channel Effectiveness Analysis: Assessing multiple criteria such as seasonality, occupancy rates, and average spend per guest, our analysis uncovered significant insights into ROI and opportunity costs.
Customer Profiling and Lost Customer Analysis: This revealed a plethora of opportunities for re-engagement and improved targeting.
Digital Marketing Optimization: We scrutinized Google and social media campaign structures, focusing on targeting strategies, product offering attractiveness, and ROI. Tailored marketing strategies were developed to enhance channel performance and elevate overall ROI.

Our Impact

Our strategic marketing overhaul significantly enhanced the hotel’s market presence and attractiveness. By optimizing sales channels and digital campaigns, we not only improved the hotel’s visibility but also its appeal to potential guests. Focused customer profiling and retention strategies led to a more personalized and engaging guest experience, resulting in notable improvements in performance metrics.


Increase in Sales

Innovative remarketing strategies and new product offerings significantly boosted demand and bookings.

Increase in Occupancy Rate

IEnhanced conversion rates and revitalized corporate channel sales underscored our strategic optimizations.

Increase in ROI on Google and Social Media Campaigns

Improved targeting and product offerings, along with a new visual strategy and effective remarketing campaigns, substantially boosted ad spend ROI.

Increase in Average Spend per Guest

Refined targeting and on-site upselling tactics led to increased guest expenditure on services and amenities, enhancing overall profitability.

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